Start simple: fairy cakes

Nothing too exciting in the cupboard this evening for tea so I took my life in my hands and asked Emmie for a recipe for cakes/buns that would work and we would all end up actually eating. twenty minutes later I was both surprised and pleased that I produced a set of twelve fairy cakes, which (mindblowingly) were baked but not burnt, tasted like fairy cakes, looked like fairy cakes, and amazingly, disappeared like fairy cakes should when presented in the kitchen with a pot of tea.

I believe I have reached adulthood. In my naive days (!) I firmly believed that one glorious day in my cloudy future I would be able to whip up small majesties at a moment’s notice. I wouldn’t call these fairy cakes majestic, but they are a small step in the right direction. And for that reason, I am very proud.

I’m keeping this recipe here so that I can access it no matter what country I am baking in over the next few months.

Adapted from Rachel Allen’s “bake: lemon cupcakes” (page 36)

I will need

125g flora

125g caster sugar (granulated sugar into a jug and blitz it for about sixty seconds=caster sugar)

2 eggs, beaten

150g plain flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

icing sugar for dusting

strawberry jam

now concentrate

Preheat fan oven to 180 degrees

Line bun tin with twelve paper cases

Measure out 125g butter. Into bowl.

Measure out 125g sugar. Into bowl.

Cream butter and sugar in your big glass bowl until smooth

Crack and beat two eggs into a mug. Fold them into the bowl mixture.

Measure out 150g plain flour. Sift in the tiniest 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder into the flour. Mix it into the flour pile, then slowly sift the flour into the big glass bowl. Think happy thoughts while slowly sifting and stirring. 🙂

Now use a teaspoon to carefully put the mixture into the twelve paper cases. If I use a bigger spoon, I make a mess. Lesson learned long ago. Each case takes about three teaspoons.

Put your lovely liquidy buns into your now-hot oven and squat anxiously in front of the glass door, waiting for the prescribed seven to ten minutes to pass by. Alternatively, go for a three minute jog on the road in front of your house because it’s not raining, keeping an eye on the clock. I did both. If your oven is acting up like mine is, you might need to wait an extra seven minutes for the buns to turn golden.

Put the buns on a cooling tray and sprinkle them with fairy dust to make them into fairy cakes. (Active ingredient: icing sugar).

Put on the kettle and call the family in.

Put a few teaspoons of tea leaves into a teapot of boiling water and set out some nice teacups and a jug of milk.

Arrange all your little cakes on a cake stand. Pour the tea and tell everyone to risk their lives and dig in. Watch in amazement as their smiles remain in place as they comply.

Pour some more tea.

If you want to jazz things up a bit, cut the cakes in halves horizontally and spread with strawberry jam, sandwich the halves back together (and then eat the whole thing in tiny bites).



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