First Impressions

I have arrived in the little town which I will call home for the next year or so. I’m sitting at my desk, right underneath the roof of a house which turns one hundred years old this year. The Velux window is open above my head, because it is hot today, and the breeze is […]

Little Goals

What do you call a graduate of a post-graduate course? Well I’m one of those. I thought that I would know so much more than I actually do at this stage. Guess what? I have SO-VERY-MANY THINGS that I really want to learn. Little things. Lots of them. For the past five years of high […]

Chocolate crunchy biscuits

I took the recipe for the cookies from “The Children’s Book of Baking” by Sara Lewis, page 54. Instead of butter I always use Flora, because it’s healthier. When I don’t have caster sugar to hand I just whizz down some normal granulated sugar in a hand blender. Otherwise the recipe is unmodified! You will […]

Plain Scones

In a previous post I made plain scones but found them too wet. Here I share my modified recipe I tried yesterday morning which uses less milk and was much more successful. You will need: 200g self-raising flour 50g caster sugar 50g margarine (flora) ¼ teaspoon salt 1 medium egg 45 ml milk  I think […]

Scones for breakfast

I made scones again today. Mmm, yummy. I’m taking photos of each small achievement, to celebrate my baby steps towards my little goals. Photographic evidence will remind me what I HAVE done, and prevent me from lamenting what I have not done, or how far I have yet to go. This activity ticks a few […]