Journal Cover

I hadn’t journalled in a while, and I think that moving location roughly every six weeks during the school year had something to do with it. Mastering the survival of in-continuity did not leave much time for pretty, contemplative hobbies like journalling. But right at the beginning of the summer holidays, I read this post by Stacy at With Great Joy, and seeing her lovely idea to make my journal so inviting and so my-own, I decided to do it myself.

For the cover:

I had an old hymnsheet from my Mom’s Sunday School, and I cut out pictures from another old month-to-view diary. I used Pritt stick to stick them all down and covered the whole thing with contact paper.

Journal cover

Journal cover: Front


Journal Cover: Back


It’s nice to open a page and find a new/old picture I haven’t really “seen” before.


One of my favourites…

For the inside pages:

Some more diary pictures, Victorian houses and gardens mainly, cut out and pasted into the pages at random.

I really like this journal and have already filled several pages with everything and anything I need to write. Because so much planning is going on lately, my journalling is more lists-based than reflective. But a journal is what I make it, and there are no rules. Just “to thine own self be true” 🙂


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