Cushion covers

You will need:

  • A sun top with an elasticated top and swing base
  • A small cushion
  • Scissors, needle and thread
  • Creative license, i.e. just do it: cut the fabric then there’s no going back 😀




Here’s how…

  1. Cut the sun top into two parts. The elasticated part and the swing-ruffled part. Turn them inside out so that the seams will be the right way around.
  2. Mess around with combinations until you are happy you can see the end product in your mind’s eye. Pin in place so you know where to put the seams.
  3. Sew the seams by hand:
    (i) on a blanket in the garden on a hot sunny day
    (ii) sitting on your bed leaning over your bedside table with a hot study lamp in your ear
    (iii) finally, while chatting with your sisters in the sitting room, in the green chair that used to sit by your Granny’s fireplace
  4. Put the whole thing together and feel very satisfied that you took a sun-top and a cushion through the whole creative process and that you taught yourself to hand sew along the way.
  5. Take photos of your lovely cushion cover for posterity.




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