Scones for breakfast

Scones for breakfast

I made scones again today. Mmm, yummy. I’m taking photos of each small achievement, to celebrate my baby steps towards my little goals. Photographic evidence will remind me what I HAVE done, and prevent me from lamenting what I have not done, or how far I have yet to go. This activity ticks a few boxes for me. It is useful, because my family had something fresh for breakfast, it is also creative, proactive and a definite step towards a personal goal. Wow that looks nice on a page 🙂

Learning to bake scones is something that I am happily proud of and will build on!

Over at Pure & Simple {a place for the beginner in you} I was encouraged to try something small and celebrate the step. The Nester‘s motto, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” has also helped me to just start, and not worry about perfection!


3 thoughts on “Scones for breakfast

  1. So glad you were encouraged to try something new!! They look like they turned out delicious! We host a link up every month on the last Thursday to share posts like this with new things people are trying. We’d love to have you stop by!

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