Tutorial: from Granny Square to Cotton Ball Bag

grsquare to cb bag

How it came about:

When I was travelling last summer, anytime I got tired or stressed I would crochet. I made a bag, several purses and a really large Granny Square that really had no purpose.  So for about a year, I have had a really nice big pink Granny Square that I didn’t know what to do with.

I’m moving countries in a few days, and the other evening, when I was beginning to pack, I had nothing to store my cotton wool balls in.

After looking around the room a few times, I came up with nothing except this pink Granny Square. No one was watching, and nobody needed to know if I messed up my idea. So I sat down on the bed, and you will notice my pink, slightly faded bedspread in all of the photos, it was in my mother’s house growing up, and has been in my house for as long as I can remember… I sat in the middle of the muddle and mess and began to work. When I realised it was going to work, I ran up the house for my camera, and pushed away all the stuff on the bed and stitched and snapped to my hearts’ content. You might even notice the lighting changes as the sun fell over the edge of the horizon and I turned on a few lamps.

From Granny Square to Cotton Ball Bag:


I was very happy with my hour’s work. In fact, I was giddy with a sense of achievement. I had made something from start to finish: what began as  ball of wool had gone through an entire creative process to become something useful and beautiful!

You will need:

A large Granny Square

A ball of wool in a colour complementary to your Granny square

A darning needle

Click through the tutorial below to see how I did this. If you like it please let me know. If you share it please link back to this blog at horizonappearing.wordpress.com, thank you!

grsquare to cb bag

Tutorial_From Granny Square to Cotton Ball Bag



2 thoughts on “Tutorial: from Granny Square to Cotton Ball Bag

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