Several weeks later…

I stayed in England for a month. Although I was living in someone else’s house, I did try my hand at baking a Victoria Sponge one time, but I forgot to split the mixture into two tins and it came out of the oven rather too moist. It wasn’t all that nice that day or the next but a few days later, it was perfect. If I ever need to bake a cake for eating in a few days time, I can just bake it extra moist and know it will be perfect when most cakes would be stale. I didn’t have a camera with me in England, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

I have been home for about two weeks and it has been so.very.busy every single minute. I haven’t been idle on my goals though, because I have been working on my own version of this knitting project from Martha Stewart’s website. I’m enjoying the process.


At some point in the last two weeks my little sister needed a treat but was too tired to bake so I followed instructions to make these delicious chocolate buns.


This afternoon was the first time in about two months where I had no social obligations, no visitors, no study/work/appointments. And so I had to make something 🙂 but we had no eggs in the house. I didn’t want to make scones because I had just had them for breakfast. I was feeling disappointed until Mom remembered that shortbread requires no eggs. So… my first time making shortbread, and it actually turned out delicious. I used Delia Smith’s recipe from her BBC “Complete Cookery Course” but instead of making biscuits, I made a round cake shape and baked it in a tin. It took a little longer to cook as I had made the shortbread thicker, but in our house we like it that way. It turned out lovely and crunchy and buttery-rich.

2013-08-14 15.56.59

Finally this evening, I made fresh tomato salsa for the first time. Bear in mind that I used what was in the fridge and with proportions that looked right. I made one small bowl to go with my supper. This new taste was so fresh and zingy and revitalising that I made a second batch after supper which I put straight into an airtight container in the fridge to see if it will keep for lunch tomorrow.

2013-08-14 20.58.30

I love having free time when I can do all the things I don’t have time or energy for otherwise. If it seems like this blog comes in bursts and starts that’s because I record my hobbies here, and I don’t have a lot of time for them when I am working or studying. Coming soon, while I still have time to myself, are:

  • recipe for the salsa
  • recipe for the shortbread
  • “pinning down pinterest” – my attempt to make all those pinnable ideas a reality in my life
  • upcycling a Pringles tin with fabric and PVA glue

Until then!


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