I arrived in England this evening.

On the flight over, I was so tired from the preparations, I just sat there in my seat. Sitting, sitting, still. Usually when I have to sit still I plan, I make lists, I read. Today I was too tired to do anything, to think anything, to read anything. But then I got so bored of sitting there, still without having the energy to be active. So I bought a cup of tea. I never buy anything on flights. It was, as I expected, exorbitantly priced. But it was also, unexpectedly, exactly what I needed. A cup of tea to calm me down. And so for the rest of the flight, I sat there peacefully, resting. Big difference πŸ™‚

As soon as my feet hit dry land (actually no land in England right now is dry, it is raining significantly), I ran to a newsagents, and bought a magazine.

I never buy magazines. I can’t remember ever buying one before.

But I bought one at WH Smith’s today.

And it was, ridiculously, exactly what I needed for the forthcoming two hour bus journey.

SAM_0161 SAM_0162

After a dash through Heathrow, running with the trolley of bags, boot heels pounding and smiling at the stares, I found the Central Bus Station (a very long way away from Terminal 1). Frantically looking for a place to buy my ticket, and trying to find the bus to board, and finding out I had to wait forty minutes, took me back so sharply to my early college days, where everything was new and bewildering. Another tea, this one Earl Grey, sipped while flicking through glossy pages of recipes and food photography, passed the time, and then the rest was easy.

When the bus arrived to rainy Little Town, my hostess was kind enough to collect me and drive me home. And when I got upstairs there were roses waiting for me in my room.

SAM_0158 SAM_0159

She is so kind.

I have one more thing to show you. My travel mug. There’s a story behind this. Our local credit union celebrated their forty year anniversary today. We really like out local credit union, because it is run by really wonderful people and because they have been really kind to me through five years of university. So we went in to say hello on our way to the airport. There were celebrations and people and food and photographers and even some guys from the radio. Big celebrations. We walked in and the two winners of the first raffle… were myself and my sister. Just breezed in, won twenty euro each, and breezed out. Oh dear. They are too kind.

So when we stopped in Dunnes to kill some time before the airport, I saw this travel mug, and I knew how I was going to break my twenty πŸ™‚ I love it.


{Vintage ceramic travel mug}

It has been a long day. This post has been written in haste. Forgive the inevitable mistakes!

{With love from England}


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