Dust whirling

When I wrote this last week, “though they roar like breakers on a beach, God will silence them,” I was thinking about the waves of unfamiliar students pouring through my doors, whom I was supposed to manage and instruct.

And He did silence them, well, most of them, the rest we are jointly working on.

So I’m surviving, and even beginning to succeed a tiny bit here and there, and I am beginning my third week of proper teaching (ever)… and then Ofsted show up.

Well that was an unpleasant surprise, but one I am glad to have behind me. My feedback was meh/wishy washy and of course I could do better, I just got here!!! I could tell you ten things I would like to improve on for every lesson I have taught, because I am in a transition period between knowing it in my head and actually doing fifty things at once with thirty teenagers looking at me (or not). It’s like reading the book “learning to drive” from cover to cover and knowing every word inside, and then sitting in the driver’s seat and applying all of that knowledge to a present tense situation with variables and context and future consequences. It’s a big transition, and that’s where I am. So yes, I do require improvement. Thank you for confirming what I knew already.

This morning I woke up cold and cross. I was very afraid. And then somehow, through the day, as the waves and breakers of fear roared and thundered onto my cerebral cortex, God silenced them one by one. To the extent that I was bubbling over with confidence going in for feedback, and I’m not sure the inspector knew what to make of me. He seemed a bit unsure of himself. Oh well. Dust whirling before the storm.


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