Butternut Squash Soup

I made butternut squash soup today. One onion, one leek, three carrots, a hefty pinch of sea salt and another of cayenne pepper, a chicken stock cube, and of course, a butternut squash.

It was very interesting to use a vegetable I had never even seen before, let alone prepared. The outside was the shade of pale brown eggshells, and I washed it with warm water and a scrubbing brush to be sure. I cut it down the middle, lengthways, to see what was inside, and found a  rounded rain-drop world of orange. Nestled in the centre, in the heart of the vegetable, were flattened seeds all tan and bronzed, as if all that orange sunshine had poured inwards to all those little seeds basking in the glow.

I peeled the two halves, which turned out to be a little more challenging than I would have expected, but I hadn’t been expecting anything, so it was fine really. I felt really glad to be actually working with my hands, having time to prepare real food, for my very real family… there’s a certain amount of enjoyment in cooking that can only be had when you are making food for someone else. I missed that when I was in England.

I didn’t follow a recipe but, as usual, I went with what felt like a good combination for our set of tastes. I sauteed all the chopped, washed vegetables, for about ten minutes, then dissolved the chicken stock cube in some boiling water, and poured in this along with enough boiling water to cover the vegetables and then some. I simmered (probably actually boiled but who’s going to know!) this for about twenty five minutes, then pureed the whole thing, right there in the saucepan, with a hand blender. Bingo! I then set the table, and my family made quick work of my labour.

It turned out well, I enjoyed it, my Dad enjoyed it, and my Mom told me that I will be making that again, full stop.

The photos came out very un-bloggable, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

I felt very happy that I had made another little goal a reality. Now that I know how foolproof vegetable soup is, and how much people love it when it’s homemade, I think I will make this a weekly thing. 🙂


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