Crushed Candy Canes and Krispie Treats

Last week I made Mars bar and granola krispie treats for my Bible study group. They were good!
mars bar krispie square 1

First layer: mars bars and butter melted together, stir in the krispies and a handful or two of granola. My granola was Special K with dried red apple and raisin.

mars bar krispie square 2

Second layer: pour melted milk chocolate over the layer of krispies and scatter granola in the wet chocolate before it sets.

SAM_0382 SAM_0378

I found the recipe (without the granola) in the Good Food magazine April 2013 issue.

Because I wasn’t sure how many people would be at the small group, I cut this slab into squares of about 1-1 1/2 inch across. That way, everybody got a bite and as they were quite rich I think it was better to do bite-size treats.

This week I wanted to do another krispie treat variation to use up the few candy canes that were left on the Christmas tree 🙂
I found the idea at a lovely blog called Essentially Eclectic in this post.

I put a tablespoon of golden syrup into mine also. Here is how mine turned out:

krispie squares

I’m walking over to my sisters’ flat in a little while to see how they like them before bringing them to the Bible study! 😀

Thank you for a great recipe idea Gabby at Essentially Eclectic!


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