Spanish Omelette {Happiness on a plate}

I made a Spanish omelette (Spanish tortilla) this afternoon. My dear friends, this is what potatoes and eggs and olive oil were made for. I used this recipe from Spanish Food World. Just do what he says, and it will work out perfectly. I steamed my potatoes for ten minutes instead of sauteeing them […]

Leftover-Lemons-and-Limes Lemonade

I made such an awful mess when I made Broccoli Pesto. Oh my. The recipe called for one teaspoon of lemon zest and one tablespoon of lemon juice. I had a fully zested lemon, a little pile of lemon zest, and a little bowl of fresh lemon juice leftover! That lemon wasn’t going to last […]

Broccoli Pesto

This…  and this… makes this! I used wholewheat fusilli with my broccoli pesto. It was lovely. It tasted even better the second day for some reason. I found the recipe on Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food video series by Sarah Carey. One more recipe for my “Pinned there, done that” board 😉

Work as Worship

In my quest to increase my repertoire of kitchen skills and experience, I am finding equal measures of satisfaction and challenge. I find my curiosity kindled and my interest growing with each step. This fuels a sort of work ethic so that it does not ever feel like work. I love being in my kitchen, […]