Banana Nutella Icecream

Pinned there, done that…

A few days ago, when I saw this recipe for nutella banana icecream on the Kitchn, I was, ahem, very interested.

Then when my friend announced a birthday get-together at her house, and could everybody please bring something, I knew my time had come.

Day 1:

Aldi, bananas, nutella. Peel bananas and slice into lots of little coins. Freeze in ziplocks. That’s all.

frozen bananas 2 nutella

Each of my bags held 1 1/2 bananas.

Day 2:

frozen bananas 3 frozen bananas 6 frozen bananas 5 frozen bananas 7

Take the frozen banana slices out of two bags. First I tried to use a hand blender, but nothing happened. Literally. So I tipped the slices into the mini-processor. Which screamed at me angrily for a few minutes before producing… breadcrumbs?

banana breadcrumbs banana breadcrumbs nutella

Yes, banana breadcrumbs. I added the 3 tbsp nutella and blended again. More breadcrumbs. At this point I nearly cried because I had just put 3 tbsp of nutella in there and nutella is expensive and I really could have just eaten it on toast and really, breadcrumbs? I thought she said I was making icecream.

But then this happened:

nutella oh my goodness


its icecream people

Yes, people, ICE CREAM. The Lord is good.

sprinkle with nibbed almonds and grated choc sprinkle with nibbed almonds and grated choc 2

Sprinkle with nibbed almonds and grated chocolate and dance in your kitchen.

Lick Clean the spoons and bowls and put the tub of ice cream YOU JUST MADE into the freezer for tomorrow’s party. Text pictures to your sister and mother who have just woken up and tell them miracles have happened.


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