Green tea and dark chocolate {who I am today}

I love green tea and dark chocolate.

When my heart is quiet I like soft acoustics and female vocalists to join me in my worship.

When I am excited I want to travel the world and have twenty children and re-write the story of the educational system.

When I am tired I like to sit down and just be.

I read blogs. Sometimes I read poetry. I occasionally rarely read the news.

When I have energy I usually like to plan.

When I have energy I am equally as likely to do something wildly spontaneous that derails all of my carefully laid plans.

I love to laugh with children, to run around after them, to chat with them.

I am learning to like fitness classes. I dislike treadmills. I have always adored walking: walking country roads with weeds and wildflowers spilling over from grassy verges, walking city streets under orange lamps and being careful to avoid puddles. I like the reassurance that I’m going somewhere, that there are tangible fruits for my labour.

When I have time on my hands I experiment with food. Because I am single I cook for myself and then I have to freeze most of what I make. If at all possible I share my food with others, mostly so that I can start experimenting again sooner than if I had to eat it all myself.

I like Pinterest, possibly a little too much. I am adamant that I will not pin idly, so I have boards called “Pinned there, done that” for {Food}, {Crafts} and the beautiful word {Miscellaneous}.

As I said before, I like to plan and prioritise. I don’t always very often find it difficult to follow my plans and priorities, and I have yet to discover why.

I’m learning to pray.

I find reassurance and stability and purpose and precious truth in Scripture.

The deepest desire of my heart is to know God, as He would be known, because He is worth knowing, because He wants to be known. To know God, Himself, for His own sake, and not for any of His benefits.

This is who I am today. He is in charge of who I will become tomorrow. Horizons unfold and I follow.


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