Leftover-Lemons-and-Limes Lemonade


I made such an awful mess when I made Broccoli Pesto. Oh my.

The recipe called for one teaspoon of lemon zest and one tablespoon of lemon juice. I had a fully zested lemon, a little pile of lemon zest, and a little bowl of fresh lemon juice leftover! That lemon wasn’t going to last very long in my fridge so I knew I needed to use it up soon somehow.

Time for Leftover-Lemon-Lemonade!!!

On top of all that lemon zest and lemon juice and lemony leftovers I threw in the lime-half I had in my fridge left over from last night’s stir fry as well as one tablespoon of caster sugar.

P.S. I washed all my fruit very well before zesting and juicing them. Very important!

DSC_0409I filled the bowl with about one pint of water and I let this mixture sit in the fridge for some time.


Then I took out the lemon rinds and poured the whole mixture through a metal sieve. I added in another half pint of water, and just like that, I had…

…fresh lemonade!

So simple šŸ™‚

DSC_0417Here is a lovely poem from Amy Carmichael. I am really enjoying her words this week. I got the book “Mountain Breezes” from my sister as a Christmas present. It is a complete collection of Amy Carmichael’s poetry. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read words that speak beautifully of Jesus and the cross. I read these poems when I have no words to pray because these poems become prayers in your heart as you read them.



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