Chicken stock noodles

So yesterday I made chicken stock.

And then at around six pm, I suddenly felt starving, even though I had been cooking all day. Being so excited about my first attempt at making the stock, I forgot to make myself a dinner.

So I had to whip up a super-fast supper before I left the house.

On hand: fresh chicken stock.

DSC_0492In the cupboard: noodles, soy sauce, black pepper.

DSC_0476Place one nest of noodles into the smallest saucepan you can find. On top pour one and a half ladles of chicken stock, one ladle boiling water, a dash to a tablespoon of soy sauce and a good grinding of black pepper. Turn on the hob and turn in circles for about five minutes. Or put away your laundry, or something, but basically you don’t have to think about this for five minutes and then you come back and it is ready to eat. Pour into a bowl, and express your supreme happiness in song.

DSC_0488It doesn’t look like much, but it was the simplest and tastiest and most satisfying supper I had eaten in a while.




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