My version of {chicken in milk}


My resident landlady came into the kitchen when this was just finished, steaming and wafting loveliness up from the hob and she said “oooh that smells gooorgeous” and then a few minutes later when I took it out of the saucepan she said “oh and it looks gorgeous, what did you cook it into make that sauce?!”

DSC_0506So I innocently said ” I cooked it in milk” … and she said “youdidwhat?!”

Apparently it’s not a thing around here. I wouldn’t know because I get my ideas from thinternet and I just follow blindly where foodblogs lead. Actually I… nevermind.

So I found this article in the Kitchn (not my kitchen, the blog the Kitchn) praising Jamie Oliver’s recipe for {Chicken in Milk}. I am using squiggly parentheses to show that I did not come up with that title, Jamie Oliver did, and also because I like squiggly parentheses.

And she sold it so well, I wanted to try it too. Only two problems, namely that I am one person who cannot eat a whole roast chicken and secondly I am not into using ovens if I can possibly help it. Paying for electricity in Ireland is a losing battle which I see no solution to except to use as little as possible whenever possible, and heating up an old oven to roast a large bird for an hour or more is excruciatingly painful to my electricity-bill-conscience and so…

So I can’t roast the bird.

But I can cook it on the hob.

So here is my variation of Jamie Oliver’s {Chicken in Milk} which actually uses two chicken legs and a hob-top rather that a whole bird and an oven.


DSC_0489 DSC_0490

Brown your chicken in a pan, I used sunflower oil, but my mother tells me I should use rapeseed oil. Into a saucepan put zest of one lemon, a few cloves of garlic (peeled), about 1 tsp salt, and 1 tsp mixed herbs.

DSC_0492Remember, this is {chicken in milk}, to so our next step is to pour in one glass of milk. You didn’t guess, did you?


(I also thought my chicken looked a little lonely so I put in two tablespoons of Monday’s chicken stock which by now has jellified because of boiling the bone marrow. Anybody read Pollyanna growing up? She is sent around the neighbourhood to give calves’ foot jelly to the sick people, I think this calves’ foot jelly is essentially the same thing as my chicken stock jelly… just in case you spent your childhood wondering, like I did)

Now let me warn you, as this sauce boils and then simmers, the sauce will split (the lemon splits the milk) and it is going to look abiticky.


But if you exercise patience, after about thirty minutes, your sauce will turn into this most glorious…

DSC_0506I ate it with a slice of soda bread. And it was beautiful.

And ohmygoodness I just heard/saw the first bumblebee of the summer buzz around my open window. Soomer is a coomin in, loudly sing cuckoo…


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