Nana’s teddy bear

My Nana was clearing out this week and she sent us this teddy bear which our grandfather gave her in their first year of marriage.

This teddy bear is fifty three years old.

My grandparents are fifty three years married and counting. She still won’t let him into the kitchen, even to butter his bread, and he still makes her laugh. “Oh Tom,” she says, “you’re full of your fun today.”

But she knows how to set him off too. She will stand behind his chair and wink at me while she says something about the political party that he and his father and his grandfather belonged to and served. He will look at me and throw his eyes up to heaven and then say something to her while looking grieved as grieved can be. She will bend over in silent laughter and run back into the kitchen to make him a mug of tea to drink while he watches the news.



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