Ideas for April


Little Goals: a lot of these focus on the slowcooker, as I am trying to learn how to use it well.

Bake bread

Make a chicken & rice casserole

Make a chicken & quinoa casserole

Make a chicken lasagne (the only non-slowcooker dish here!!!)

Make a chicken and cornbread dish

And maybe some more slowcooker chicken… with ginger and coconut… or with soy glaze 




2 thoughts on “Ideas for April

    • Hi Stacy! Thank you for commenting! You are so lovely to notice a post after a year of nothing!!! 😀 I have had a busy year at a new school and while it has been very positive I have not had a chance to do anything like this in a while. Our last term starts in the morning (Easter to Summer) and I wanted to get back into some of my hobbies before the time runs away from me again! I have enjoyed your posts over the past few months and sent the link to Ella’s booklist to all my sisters last night. The youngest is sixteen years and the others are older but they are always looking for nice Christian books 🙂 please thank Ella for me! 🙂 Blessings to you and the family!

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