My version of {chicken in milk}

My resident landlady came into the kitchen when this was just finished, steaming and wafting loveliness up from the hob and she said “oooh that smells gooorgeous” and then a few minutes later when I took it out of the saucepan she said “oh and it looks gorgeous, what did you cook it into make […]

Beautiful Day

I would like to record that today is a glorious day. I have just returned to Galway from a week of substitute teaching, of which I loved every minute. I felt like I turned a corner in teaching this week. Never once did I feel that old panic pushing up from my stomach and distracting […]

Cooking Bucket List

Chicken Chicken curry Chicken stir fry Chicken wraps Grilled/Baked chicken: Cornflake chicken Apricot chicken Lemon chicken Honey mustard chicken BBQ chicken Roast chicken dinner Chicken noodle soup Beef & Lamb Beef stir fry Beef stew (Lamb stew) Mom’s homemade burgers Beef stroganoff Pasta Lasagne Spaghetti Bolognese Spaghetti meatballs Pasta bake Carbonara Fish Salmon Cod Trout Mackerel Sardines […]

Baking Bucket List

Breads Brown bread Peasant yeast bread Bread rolls Banana bread Banana bread pancakes Zucchini bread Chocolate zucchini bread Cakes Victoria sponge cake Chocolate cake Hummingbird cake Lemon sponge cake Mocha layer cake Chocolate mint cake Coffee walnut cake Carrot cake Banoffee pie Cheesecake Little cakes   Plain cupcakes/ Victoria sponge cupcakes Chocolate cupcakes Honeycomb cupcakes […]