Herb & Tomato Sconebread

This is a story about flexible baking, about making tiny loaves of bread from a scone dough and calling it {sconebread}. This is a story about loving cherry tomatoes and the fragrance of herbs at any time of the morning. As my stories invariably begin, it was morning time and the first thing I wanted […]

My version of {chicken in milk}

My resident landlady came into the kitchen when this was just finished, steaming and wafting loveliness up from the hob and she said “oooh that smells gooorgeous” and then a few minutes later when I took it out of the saucepan she said “oh and it looks gorgeous, what did you cook it into make […]

Beautiful Day

I would like to record that today is a glorious day. I have just returned to Galway from a week of substitute teaching, of which I loved every minute. I felt like I turned a corner in teaching this week. Never once did I feel that old panic pushing up from my stomach and distracting […]

Spanish Omelette {Happiness on a plate}

I made a Spanish omelette (Spanish tortilla) this afternoon. My dear friends, this is what potatoes and eggs and olive oil were made for. I used this recipe from Spanish Food World. http://www.spanishfoodworld.com/spanish-omelette-0/ Just do what he says, and it will work out perfectly. I steamed my potatoes for ten minutes instead of sauteeing them […]

Broccoli Pesto

This…  and this… makes this! I used wholewheat fusilli with my broccoli pesto. It was lovely. It tasted even better the second day for some reason. I found the recipe on Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food video series by Sarah Carey. One more recipe for my “Pinned there, done that” board 😉