Crocheting with string…

I’m looking into crocheting with different materials. Using the same stitches, but trying to find materials that are more durable or less expensive¬† or more suited to the purpose… Here is my first idea… making a durable table mat, which should be somewhat heatproof, using string. It is just parcel string, I found it in […]

Black pudding breakfast

St. Patrick’s weekend. If you asked me which food is for me the most Irish, the strongest taste of home, I would say black pudding. Black pudding. Tomatoes. Eggs. Nothing like black pudding for breakfast. Turn on the grill… Toss a handful of tomatoes in a little oil, salt and pepper.¬† Chop the pudding into […]

Beautiful Day

I would like to record that today is a glorious day. I have just returned to Galway from a week of substitute teaching, of which I loved every minute. I felt like I turned a corner in teaching this week. Never once did I feel that old panic pushing up from my stomach and distracting […]