My name is Hannah. I am someone quiet.

Dictionary.com defines horizon as “the line or circle that forms the apparent boundary between earth and sky.”

The moment I read that definition, I knew I had found the name of my blog. As I learn to navigate life-after-college, I am exploring horizons, these apparent boundaries between earth and sky. Read about my Hope, my Horizons, and my Little Goals.

I like green tea and dark chocolate. Read here about who I am today.

My Hope:

Jesus Christ is God’s Son. He is the visible image of the invisible God, He reflects God’s glory, and everything about Him represents God exactly. I was once His enemy, separated from Him by my evil thoughts and actions, but now He has made me His friend. He did this through His death on the cross in His own human body. He never sinned, but He died for sinners to bring us safely home to God. He suffered physical death, but He was raised to life in the Spirit. Now Christ has gone to heaven. He is seated in the place of honour next to God, and all the angels and authorities and powers are bowing before Him. As a result, He has given me access to God, who looks on me as holy and blameless because of Christ. To me, Christ is all that matters.

My Horizons:

My hope is to know God through Christ and because of Christ. My horizon is what I see of His face today. As He is kind enough to reveal Himself to me, my horizon will open up and change shape and be filled with Him, like sunlight spilling over the edge of the earth in the early morning. My horizon will constantly change as I walk with Him.

My Little Goals:

Everything I do has the potential to be an act of worship. Jesus Christ is a real person who lived a very real life on this real earth. As His Spirit is living in us, He expects to be brought into the most mundane and trivial parts of our life, and when we acknowledge Him there with us, whatever we do will be worship.

My Little Goals involve my interests in cooking and baking {Kitchen}, crochet, knitting and sewing {Needlework} and making cards and other crafts {Papercraft}…

Follow me on twitter @horizon_hannah as I pass on Scriptures and thoughts that have encouraged me in my walk with God and in my haphazard attempts towards my Little Goals 🙂


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